Advanced Pixel Control: Customize Your Site with Multi-Pixel Precision!

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We've heard your requests for a simpler way to manage multiple Meta and Google pixels on your website. The solution is here with our Super Pack add-on for all professional licenses!

What You Can Do With The Super Pack:

  • Run Multiple Pixels: Effortlessly integrate various Meta and Google pixels.

  • Target Specific Pages: Configure pixels to fire only on chosen pages.
  • Exclude Pixels as Needed: Easily omit pixels from certain pages.

  • Hide Pixels Based on Conditions: Control pixel visibility based on landing pages or UTMs.

  • WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages: send your clients to a custom thank you page. It can be a global page or product-based (not covered in the linked video).

  • WooCommerce Custom Google Ads Conversion: add a conversion label that will fire when a particular product is bought (not covered in the linked video).

Discover the full potential of pixel management in our concise video guide here.

Important: we are running our 2024 Start Lifetime Offer.

We rarely sell lifetime licenses because they aren’t the best idea when you develop products long-term. However, our clients LOVE lifetime licenses!

If you already have a valid license for one of our products, learn how to upgrade it to the LIFETIME license.

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